What we’re about

Dont be shy to join! We are not cliquey, we have new people all the time.

The original chapter of this meetup was created in San Francisco called (Bay Area Nerd Girls). As its founder moved to Amsterdam, she thought of starting start a chapter out here.
BANG! is a diverse group of girls and members tend to have an interest in any of the following:

Comics, Graphic Novels, Gaming, Tabletop Roleplaying Games, Boardgames, Video Games, Anime, Manga, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cosplay, Dressing up

No match up top? How about these?
Baking, Knitting, Writing, Karaoke, crafty DIY ladies, Makeup, Graphic Design, Web Development, Interior Design, Science and Engineering, Cartoons, Activism/Hacktivism
Whether you consider yourself a geek, nerd, or dork, it doesn’t matter — every girl is welcome so long as she’s open to meeting all types of friends. We’re a friendly and open group.

Past meetups include

* Boardgames Picnic
* Pet pig birthday
* Pokemon Walk
* Cosplay fans brunch
* Cupcake decorating workshop
* Manga drawing
and there’s always a monthly meetup.

Who we’re for

BANG! is only open to those who identify as a woman. We are emphatically trans- and queer-friendly. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you. Must be 18+.

How to join

Joinng Be A Nerd Girl is simple, and free.
Simply go to the group’ Meetup page, register with Meetup (which is necessary to RSVP to scheduled events), and join the group.

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